A High Perch, 6x12in. Oil on linen/panel. (small oil painting)

A High Perch, 6x12in. Oil on linen/panel. (small oil painting)


The following reflection is attached to the back of the painting on laminated card stock.

A High Perch

After cooler days, it is a joy to welcome summer temperatures again. I have trudged through a rickety pathway with my painting gear to arrive at one of my favourite views in the park. The distance is muted with the morning's haze. While the rising sun flicks merrily along the ocean's surface, happily touching crests of water. Seagulls dart about enthused with nature's gentle day.

I have set life aside and entered nature's world and easy rhythm. Her ignorance of man made time is a welcome relief. I will follow her lead today and gracefully move from one moment to the next.

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald


Original 6x12in. Oil on linen/panel, Painted En Plein Air in Powell’s Point Park, Nova Scotia

Original Written Reflection attached to back on laminated cardstock.

Painted with professional grade paints and archival material

Sold Unframed, Signed front and back

“Bringing the beauty of nature into your space with original art! Lovingly packaged for you!”


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This is one of my favorite spots to paint in Powell’s Pt. Park! I love being perched above the water on a secluded pathway. It feels a bit like I get a bird’s eye view to the beach below and the distance beyond. Feels like I’m in a coastal treehouse!