Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why do you paint from life?

Painting from life feels like the most authentic way for me to paint. It is the only way I can truly feel and connect with my subject. I also learn so much about my subject when painting from life. I observe little nuances and subtle color changes that I would never see from a photograph. Painting from life is challenging and exciting. I love setting up still life in my studio or being in the midst of nature! Both heighten my skills and keep me on my toes!

2. Why do you include written reflections with most of your work?

I feel my written reflections are an extension of my creative process. They developed naturally and needed to accompany my work. Being a teacher and also having a love for language and poetry have definitely played a part in their development. I loved both painting and writing poetry when I was young and it just seemed to carry through into adulthood.

I like to call my writing "prosetry", it is a different type of writing that I don't question--I just let it happen so as not to stifle the voice within. Having faith and being quiet allow the words to come through. Nature also plays a great part in my inspiration as well.

3. What materials do you use?

I use Professional Grade materials. My miniatures are painted on beautiful archival boards covered in belgian linen that I purchase from Art Boards or birch wood boards that I personally prepare for archival quality. I use RayMar Art belgian linen covered panels or archivally prepared birch wood boards for larger works. Both are excellent surfaces to work on.

I am loving the Rosemary and Co. brushes. I have used their Mongoose and Ivory series so far.They are excellent quality and a wonderful company to deal with as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me and I will include my answers here. Thanks!