Celebration, 11x14in., Oil on linen/panel, (large oil painting)

Celebration, 11x14in., Oil on linen/panel, (large oil painting)


The following reflection is attached to the back of the painting on laminated card stock.


Celebratory moments come and go throughout our lives. Some are large and fancy; others quiet and subtle. Whatever the size, it is important to be fully present for such happenings.

Time is elusive and memories fade, but the emotion of such experiences linger on in our sinews for years to come. Embrace your celebratory moments, for they will transport you to a place of eternal joy!

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©


Please note that this piece will be receiving a coat of varnish soon and will need drying time before it is shipped. Thanks!

Original 11x14in. Oil on linen/panel, Painted En Plein Air in Plymouth, Nova Scotia

Original Written Reflection attached to back on laminated cardstock.

Painted with professional grade paints and archival material

Sold Unframed, Signed front and back

“Bringing the beauty of nature into your space with original art! Lovingly packaged for you!”


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I loved the process involved in creating this piece. The dogwood was foraged near my home and then braided once in my studio. I worked from life in stages. If I had assembled the total still life all at once, some subjects would have died before I could paint them. I had a general composition in my mind before I began, but listened to my intuition for the best placement of my subjects.

Painting the braided dogwood made my mind go a little wonky as I followed its in and out pattern. lol After many hours and subjects that became crisp with age, I celebrated the completion of this piece.

It was a journey and one that I required little tricks to keep my subjects alive or in the correct position. Working from life can be challenging for many reasons, but oh so rewarding …feeling the energy and seeing subtle colors in my subjects can only be achieved from observing them from life!