Backyard Blossoms, 11x14in. Oil on linen/panel (large oil painting)

Backyard Blossoms, 11x14in. Oil on linen/panel (large oil painting)


The following reflection is attached to the back of the painting on laminated card stock.

Backyard Blossoms

An old apple tree sits on the perimeter of our property. As spring arrives, it becomes cloaked in masses of delicate blooms. Every year I am in awe of its beauty. After winter’s long stay, it is a celebratory time to witness their appearance.

Today, I have come to capture her blooms for eternity. Gentle white petals infused with pink, dance up and down branches. Their buds are captivating, as deep pink petals begin to unfold. Bees visit regularly finding sustenance and comfort in her blossoms.

With the arrival of blossoms, comes a freshness and promise of warmer days to come. Their beauty makes one wish they would last for eternity.

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald


Original 11x14in. Oil on linen/panel, Painted En Plein Air in Plymouth, Nova Scotia

Original Written Reflection attached to back on laminated cardstock.

Painted with professional grade paints and archival material

Sold Unframed, Signed front and back

“Bringing the beauty of nature into your space with original art! Lovingly packaged for you!”


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This was painted over a couple of Spring seasons. Painting from life means that the life span of my subject is not always in alignment with my painting schedule. Thus, I had to be patient and wait for these blooms to arrive the following year.

This branch belongs to an old apple tree in our backyard. I love seeing it in full bloom every Spring! It is such a glorious sight as bursts of white and pink petals fill the branches abundantly! This painting was painted over several sessions as I peered upward towards this branch.

My Persian cat Marlee often accompanied me on these backyard excursions providing entertainment and company. It is amazing how fast time marches on while working outdoors. Nature changes so quickly—-an appreciation for subtle changes and the presence of time ignites a heightened awareness in the viewer.