“ My artistic journey brings me much joy and a deep sense of well being. I am grateful that these emotions can be imparted to my viewer through my work.”


Debbie Lamey-MacDonald is a representational artist residing in rural Nova Scotia, Canada with her family. Her reverence for nature and rural surroundings are depicted in her work. She retired from teaching elementary school in 2014 after 32 dedicated years. Debbie is thrilled to now pursue her creative passion full time.

Since childhood Debbie displayed a deep interest and connection to nature through outdoor exploration and art making. Nature has always been a nurturing force in her life, as well as an ongoing muse for both her artwork and writing.

She works from life, working primarily in oils, but also enjoys sketching in graphite and charcoal. A unique aspect of Debbie’s work, is her lyrical reflections that accompany her pieces. Often composed on location her responses depict her thoughts and feelings about her subject or life in general.

Debbie attended art instruction as a young child where she was introduced to the mediums of charcoal, pastels and oil paints. She continued lessons into her early teens. Later, she continued her artistic growth through self-education. Working from life, while being emotional connected to her subject, has been one of the most informative teachers for her work.

Her interest in mindfulness informs her work on a deeper level. Mixing life experiences, emotional ties to her subject and a pursuit of calm are injected into her work. She explores everyday beauty with the intent of living in a present moment.

Debbie has exhibited her work in Nova Scotia and sells her work throughout North America and abroad. In 1999 she was honored to be juried into Nova Scotia Art Gallery’s travelling exhibit “Far & Wide III”. In 1997 she held her first Solo Show in Sherbrooke Historic Village, Nova Scotia.  Thereafter, she held two more Solo Exhibits in 2002 and 2005. Debbie continues to participate in group shows and particularly the yearly Tearmann Society Fund Raiser for Abused Women. She is presently a self-represented artist, selling her work from her personal website.