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Welcome to My World, Where Nature & Art Converge.
— Debbie Lamey-MacDonald



“Working From Life. In Present Time.”

Debbie works from life in nature’s open spaces, nestled in her gardens or in her studio during colder weather. Both her paintings and botanical sketches depict intimate captures of her subjects.

A unique accompaniment to Debbie’s work, are her lyrical reflections about her subjects and experiences. They personalize each piece of work, giving insight to a captured moment in time.

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Bring the beauty and serenity of nature into your space with Original Fine Art! Take a retreat from the busy pace of life by getting lost in a moment in time. All works are created from life close to my home in rural Nova Scotia. Get lost in nature scenes and in progress photography that accompany each piece of work.

So grab your favorite beverage and join in on my artistic journey, by perusing original work and writings! I love hearing from you! Please contact me if you have any questions.


11x14in. Oil on linen/board.

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Painted from Life

Morning Sparkle

5x5in. Oil on linen/panel,

Painted En Plein Air in Tor Bay Nova Scotia

Orange Cheer

4x4in. Oil on linen/panel.

Painted From Life

It gives me great joy to share the emotion and reverence I feel for my subjects and nature. A meditative dance of spirit occurs while working within nature’s embrace.
— Debbie Lamey-MacDonald
Bringing The Beauty And Serenity Of Nature Into Your Space. View the Collections.

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“Enjoy a pause in your busy world: bring the beauty of nature into your space with original fine art.”


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