Studio Notes


Studio Notes #1 Apple Blossoms


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(My Subject)

September, 2012

I have decided to paint a larger piece of work (16x20in.)from a plein air study I completed in my brother’s backyard this past Spring. Due to an earlier Spring and warmer than usual temperatures there has been an abundance of apple blossoms and apples this year.


(Study done in my brother’s backyard)

 I also painted another study earlier in Spring of apple blossoms and am using  my color notes from that experience as a  reference as well.


(Study done in MacLellan’s Brook earlier in the Spring)

I seem to be on an apple theme–totally enchanted with all the blooms and later abundance of perky red globes.

The apple trees looked magical the day I painted the study in my brother’s yard. It reminded me of a fairytale land with their gorgeous blooms. A light breeze sent some floating gently to the ground below. Nature once again displayed her joyous nature–I was grateful to witness her beauty.


(Stage One)


(Stage Two)

I will post my journey with this painting in stages so you can travel along with me. Hopefully, I can capture some of the magic of that morning.



P.S. I scared my sister-in-law out of her wits when she  stepped out to the clothesline and saw me. lol I didn’t have time to warn her that I was coming and had to set up quickly so I wouldn’t lose my light. We had a wonderful visit after I finished my study–definitely a memorable day!