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Videos, New Website & News!

My son and I recently posted two new videos I made while on location in Powell’s Point Park. They are just short little videos that hopefully will give you an idea of what serves as my inspiration while  painting in nature’s playground. You can also visit my You Tube Channel to view more of these short videos. Thanks!

As some of you already know I have launched a New Plein Air Group and Website. I am thrilled that our members so far have really enjoyed their plein air experience! Some members were totally new to plein air painting. I have made a few posts about our outings and a welcome note.  My son and I put up a slide show with photos of our members painting on location as well as their studies. You may view the “Nova Scotia Plein Air Painters” Website here.  We are still continuing to add new features to our website, so stay tuned for more information/resources in the future. 😀

I am finally getting around to adding more images to Fine Art America where you can purchase reproductions of my work.  These make great unique gifts or serve as an economical way to decorate your space! Also my gallery is building on Daily Paintworks. I would love if you could LIKE  my pages in these two locations as it will help get the word out there! Thanks! Phew! Lots of online typing and posting! Brett and I have plans to update my personal website this fall as well. Did I say I needed an assistant? Maybe, I could clone myself!

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Plein Air Inspirations I

Something New!

I thought it would be fun to post tips, thoughts and inspirational quotes about plein air painting since I will be out in the field more frequently as summer approaches. That is if we ever get summer! Today I thought I was going to have to dig out my winter coat again! I will also post short videos as well featuring my plein air outings.  I hope you enjoy!



(Thoughts, tips and inspirations about plein air painting)

Emily Carr is one of my heroes! I will relay sometime how she became a catalyst for the beginnings of my plein air journey. I love this quote as it depicts that painting a subject without feeling leaves a void in the work produced. Truth comes from a sincere and connected depiction of your subject.


“There is something bigger than fact: the underlying spirit, all it stands for, the mood, the vastness, the wildness.” (Emily Carr)

More of Emily Carr’s inspirational work can be viewed here. You can also read her biography as well.




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New Plein Air Inspirations Video: Powell’s Pt. Park

Hi Everyone!

Here is my latest ” Plein Air Inspirations”  video of my newest study done in Powell’s Pt. Park, Nova Scotia. It was a gorgeous summer morning and while scouting for a subject to paint I looked up in the sky and saw the moon still hovering above. I love the look of the moon in the sky during the day –something magical about it! I am presently painting a larger studio painting from my study and will be finished of it soon. Hope you enjoy my little informal video. Cheers!




Freshness of Spring

It felt like coming home when the park reopened and I returned to paint its beauty. I easily stepped in time with its rhythm and began to recall emotions I had experienced there  previously. There is something very comforting about painting in a familiar location and at the same time exhilarating knowing that unexpected views will be discovered amongst its familiarity.

My heart sang as I listened to nature, smelled the sweet salty air and relished in a slower pace nature had to offer. It is an escape from a  fast paced world –a place where living in the moment becomes a priority. Schedules and to do lists become a distant thought as nature envelopes my senses.  May nature softly whisper of the importance of self renewal and the necessity of finding a sacred place where you too can find a peacefulness beyond the noise of  life.

P.S. Although different from the surface texture I am use to, I did enjoy painting on this linen panel by RayMar.

Painting and Reflection both completed on location.

Freshness of Spring

It is such a thrill to be back painting in the park after a long winter. Spring has enveloped the park with its freshness. An array of lime greens, reds and crisp blues dance before ones eyes.  A gentle breeze drifts in amongst new foliage and across the ocean.

Delightful arrays of new beginnings prevail; bringing promises of leisurely days ahead within nature’s easy going personality. Promises of renewal and the enjoyment of warm day activities bring a smile to one’s face. Renewal is essential to one’s well being; it brings new hope and obliterates the mundane of daily routines.