Happy New Year, New Blog and Fine Art Shop!

 Iris Harmony

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that all my blog posts will be posted to my new Blog. I had to shift gears as my current website needed big restructuring in order to add updated widgets etc. Sooooo I am now adding all my new work to my new Online Fine Art Shop and blog posts to my new Blog. Both areas are linked so you can go back and forth.

Many Thanks for all your support this past year!!

Cheers to a New Year–It’s going to be exciting!

May 2013 bring you much joy!!




Paint Peggy’s Cove Event!


Summer Days Are Numbered

8x10in. Oil on linen/panel

(One of the three paintings on display in the Art Exhibit this Weekend.)

On Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15th I will be participating in 2 day plein air painting event at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. There will be approximately 30 artists working in various mediums painting outdoors around the village. All completed work will be displayed in a silent auction.

This year there will also be previously completed framed work available as well. All work will be on exhibit in the St. John’s Anglican Church. A portion of the proceeds from all art sales will be used to support the Peggy’s Cove Area Festival of the Arts and St. John’s Anglican Church.

I am really looking forward to this event and to meeting fellow artists as well. I have to admit that it is a bit out of my comfort zone, as I don’t usually paint in such populated areas. Yikes! I am sure I will learn a lot and stetching is always good to progress your skills. If you are up in this area this weekend, please come say hello! I’ll try to take photos that I can share in a later blog post.

Off to pack! Will report in soon!




My New Wheels!!


On a trip to Halifax over March Break I discovered this cute little cart while buying art supplies. I thought it was the cat’s meow for my plein air painting adventures! Lots of pockets and space inside. Weight limit is 30lbs. so I have to be careful to not load it up too much.

You should have seen my sons’ faces (ages 16 & 24) when I arrived back at the car with this in tow! They really thought I had lost it. lol I told them it would be great to take shopping when we went to the mall. For some reason they didn’t think that was such a great idea.  😀

When assessing the weather today I think I might have to put snow tires on my little cart. It looks more like  Christmas here than Easter. I know the calendar says it is Spring, but mother nature seems to be confused! At any rate I am looking forward to future plein adventures with my new cart! Hopefully, Spring will arrive soon.

Wishing you a Wonderful Easter and a Happy Spring Season!



P.S. Love to hear from any other plein air painters and your favorite tools etc. If you are a local artist our plein air group will be awakening  soon when some warmer weather arrives. You can visit our “Nova Scotia Plein Air Painters” Website here.


Warm Holiday Greetings!

Comforts of Home

Just taking a moment to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thanks so much for your support and presence this past year. I have also really appreciated all your kind comments on this blog. They have been like special gifts from you to me.

Last night we had our traditional family gathering at my house. Lots of food, laughter and presents were shared by all. We were all so grateful to have everyone healthy and happy! Today we are heading to my brother’s for our family Christmas dinner. More food and laughter to be shared by all!

Wishing you and your family a Beautiful Holiday Season filled with joy and the comfort of family and friends!

May 2012 be filled with Happiness!




Cool New Email App!!

Create a Personalized Email Signature!

I was recently introduced to a  cool new Email Application through the “Art Marketing Association” that I am subscribed to! Doug Farrick of  AMA is constantly searching for better ways to help artists market their work.

The app is called WiseStamp and is literally used to personalize your email signature. There are lots of  ways to personalize it to your liking. You can add social media buttons, a preview of  your latest blog post and even random inspirational quotes. It is so neat! The only recommendation I would have is not to make your signature too spammy. Otherwise, if you make it tasteful, it is an awesome way to reach more people when you are sending or replying to emails.  Check WiseStamp out!  I think you will enjoy it!

I would love to hear your comments if you have used this application or are planning to in the near future.

Below is an example of my email signature I made with WiseStamp.



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WordPress My latest post:Clip Airing on Local TV! (Click to Enlarge) Autumn’s Bounty 5x7in. Oil on linen/panel Painted “Alla Prima̶…

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Clip Airing on Local TV!

Autumn's Bounty

(Click to Enlarge)

Autumn’s Bounty

5x7in. Oil on linen/panel

Painted “Alla Prima” for East Link TV Taping

 I heard from Danny Harvie today about the little clip that was going to be airing on East Link TV about my art and life. It will be airing all week on East Link Magazine. So if you are local and you see East Link Magazine listed on Channel 10, it will be on that show all this week. I am going to ask him if it will be on You Tube as well so others could view it.

Danny was a really nice guy and did a great job piecing our session together for the clip. He arrived at my house in October and stayed for about three hours. The TV clip is about 6 minutes long. Isn’t that amazing how much taping he has to do to get enough footage to choose from for a short clip?! The painting I have posted was the demo I did while he taped me painting. Quite an interesting experience I must say! lol

If you are local and you watch the clip, I would love to receive your comments! I will happily send them along to Danny as well. He is a great young camera man!




“Baubles and Ribbon” Up For Auction

Baubles and Ribbon

(Click to Enlarge)

3x3in. Oil on linen/panel

You can bid on this painting here.

You can also buy prints of this painting here.

I have just added “Baubles and Ribbon  to the Daily Paintworks Auction website. It was painted from life in my studio. I love painting these little miniatures, especially these shiny festive baubles. This would make a unique Christmas gift for someone special. Please click on the link above if you are interested in bidding on this painting. I would be grateful if you could click the Like button on the auction page. Thanks!

Thanks so much for looking!

Wishing you a Wonderful Day!




“Moon Glow” and News

(Click to Enlarge)

You can Bid on this painting here. 

Moon Glow

A crescent moon smiles softly in an evening glow.

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Powell’s Point Park, Nova Scotia.

I painted “Moon Glow” on  a beautiful late summer evening in Powell’s Point Park. It was fun sitting at a park picnic table to paint this little miniature. I had to make quick decisions because the light was changing quickly. I continue to be enchanted with the moon and its storybook tales!

The holiday season will soon be here! These small miniatures make unique gifts for special people in your life! The above written reflection is attached to the back of the painting on laminated card stock.


My son is adding a new feature to my blog. We will now have a plugin that allows me to add Asides to my blog posts. Asides are small bits of information or status updates that you can add without a full blog post. They do not have a title and are similar to a tweet or facebook status update. I thought this was a great way to keep my blog more current without having to always write a full blog post. It would make sharing links and information much faster as well.  I teach 80% therefore, my time is sometimes limited with regards to writing substantial blog posts. I thought this sounded like a great idea. We’ll see how it goes! 😀

During my last blog post I mentioned that East Link TV were coming to my studio/home to interview my husband and I regarding my art/life, tape me painting a demo and also take shots of my work. I definitely had the jitters before they came, but Danny Harvie was a great guy and really made us feel at ease. Taping went well and all will be part of a small clip on East Link Magazine. Danny is going to let me know when it will be aired. He is also going to upload the clip to You Tube for those who don’t have access to the East Link Station.  I’ll give you a heads up when it will be aired.

Wishing Everyone a Great Week!




Lights, Camera, Action!

Kaleidoscope Skies

Kaleidoscope Skies (Click to Enlarge)

I just wanted to tell you about a new event that is going to take place this Friday in my home. My local Cable TV Company recently contacted me and asked if they could do a Feature on my Art and Life as an Artist. I was so surprised to hear from them and I have to admit a bit camera shy. However, I appreciate their interest and kindness towards me…. sooooo I have agreed to participate in this feature.

They will be coming on Friday to do an on camera interview with both myself and my husband, take shots of me working and of my finished works!  The clip will be broadcast sometime in the future on the Eastlink Magazine Feature Show at 4:00 p.m. I’m not sure when it will be aired, but I’ll give you a heads up when I know.

Needless, to say I have been busily preparing for my visitors, cleaning and making things presentable!

Wish me luck!



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Paint Outs Part of “Celtic Colors International Festival”!

A Window to the Sea

You can bid this painting here.

Just wanted to share with local artists a list of Visual Arts Activities that are part of the Celtic Colors International Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia this week.  There are paint outs scheduled in various locations in Cape Breton this week on Oct. 12-14th. I am hoping to attend the paint out in Marble Mountain on Friday, October 14th. I’m hoping the weather will cooperate and the autumn colors will be at their best!  The paintings will be displayed unframed, and many will be available for sale on October 15th at the “Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion” in Sydney. You can find the Paint Out Schedule here.

I’ll share my experience if I am able to participate. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

I would love to hear any of your stories if you have attended the “Celtic Colors International Festival” in the past.



P.S. I have been updating my Fine Arts America website where you can treat yourself to fine art reproductions. 😀


“New Life” Up For Auction

New Life

(Click to Enlarge)

6x6in. Oil on linen/panel

You can bid on this painting here.

I have just added “New Life” to the Daily Paintworks Auction website. It was painted en plein air in MacLellan’s Brook, Nova Scotia. You can read my blog post about my experience while painting this one here. Please click on the link above if you are interested in bidding on this painting. Feel free to click the Like button on the auction page. Thanks!

Thanks so much for looking!

Wishing you a Wonderful Day!



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Videos, New Website & News!

My son and I recently posted two new videos I made while on location in Powell’s Point Park. They are just short little videos that hopefully will give you an idea of what serves as my inspiration while  painting in nature’s playground. You can also visit my You Tube Channel to view more of these short videos. Thanks!

As some of you already know I have launched a New Plein Air Group and Website. I am thrilled that our members so far have really enjoyed their plein air experience! Some members were totally new to plein air painting. I have made a few posts about our outings and a welcome note.  My son and I put up a slide show with photos of our members painting on location as well as their studies. You may view the “Nova Scotia Plein Air Painters” Website here.  We are still continuing to add new features to our website, so stay tuned for more information/resources in the future. 😀

I am finally getting around to adding more images to Fine Art America where you can purchase reproductions of my work.  These make great unique gifts or serve as an economical way to decorate your space! Also my gallery is building on Daily Paintworks. I would love if you could LIKE  my pages in these two locations as it will help get the word out there! Thanks! Phew! Lots of online typing and posting! Brett and I have plans to update my personal website this fall as well. Did I say I needed an assistant? Maybe, I could clone myself!

I am just getting ready to send out my E-Newsletter at the first of the week. If you are interested in joining it, I would love to have you sign up on the top right hand corner of this page.

Many Thanks for your continued Support!!