Monthly Archives: September 2012

Studio Notes #1 Apple Blossoms

  ( Click to photos to enlarge) (My Subject) September, 2012 I have decided to paint a larger piece of work (16x20in.)from a plein air study I completed in my brother’s backyard this past Spring. Due to an earlier Spring and warmer than usual temperatures there has been an abundance of apple blossoms and apples […]

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #15

(Click to Enlarge) “A Gift of Solitude” 6x6in. Oil on linen/panel You may purchase here. Sunday, August 25,2012 Powell’s Point Park, Nova Scotia. 10:15am-12:45pm I am all alone in the park this morning. My solitude amplifies the park’s serenity. It  is a time I value greatly and think of during the long months of winter. […]

Summer Breeze

6x8in. Oil on linen/panel
Prints Available

Springing Up

3x3in. Oil on linen/panel
Prints Available

My Brother’s Sanctuary

11x14in. Oil on linen/panel.
Painted En Plein Air
$449 + S/H.

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #14

(Click to enlarge photos) (Final Painting-11x14in. Oil on linen/panel) Wednesday, August 22. 2012 MacLellan’s Mountain, Nova Scotia My brother and sister-in-law’s backyard. Third Session 10:00am-200pm I have arrived for my third session of my plein air painting today. My focus will be to work on both apple trees and their shadows on the ground. It […]

Spring Arrival

3x3in. Oil on linen/panel
$58 + S/H.

Beach Days Ahead

4x4in. Oil on linen/panel
$75 + S/H.

Diary of a Plein Air Painter #13

  (My Setup) (Click photos to enlarge) Wednesday, August 15, 2012 MacLellan’s Mtn., Nova  Scotia My brother and sister -in-laws backyard. Session #2 –10:00am-1:00pm The sun is a bit shy today and prefers to stay behind a sporadic cloud cover. I will work on my second session of my larger plein air painting today. ( […]

Nightfall Approaches

4x4in. Oil on linen/board
$75 + S/H.