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Baubles and Ribbon

Baubles and Ribbon “Baubles and ribbon return, adding glitz to a festive holiday season.” by Debbie Lamey-MacDonald I know I am early, but Christmas always seems to creep up on me! I decided to paint a miniature painting that I might use for my Christmas cards etc. This one took much longer than I expected, but […]

International Artist Day-Oct.25/10

International Artist Day In recognition of International Artist Day I would like to honour Eric Carle, a beloved and incredible illustrator and writer of young children’s books. He creates illustrations for his books in his own unique style, where he incorporates collage techniques, creating bright and cheerful pictures. Some of his most familiar and loved […]

Nestled In

3x3in. Oil on linen/panel

Sweet Berry

3x2in. oil on linen/panel
$50.00 + S/H.

Shining Stars

4x4in., Oil on linen/panel Private Collection

“Shining Stars” and Feature

Shining Stars “With a blue haze and potter’s glaze shining stars are born.” Debbie Lamey-MacDonald I have had the desire to paint blue plums for awhile and a couple of weeks ago I picked up a box at the grocery store.  Before I could get to paint them they withered! Oh dear, I thought I […]

Nature’s Lullaby

Nature’s Lullaby Slowly a veil of darkness begins to cloak land and water as the last rays of light fade. After a breezy day a calmness envelops the park. Tranquility presides as nature prepares for nightfall. Nature’s lullaby whispers of  a peaceful sleep as one leaves their cares behind and surrenders to her solitude. She […]

Calmness in the Park

4x4in., Oil on linen/panel,
Painted En Plein Air,