Monthly Archives: April 2010

Violas and Sweet Berries

Violas and Sweet Berries The world is beginning to come alive again with the birth of new growth and Springtime activities. I love seeing these little violas pop up and scatter themselves cheerfully throughout my flowerbeds in early Spring. They remind me of children at play; carefree and joyful as they dance about in nature. […]

Rolling Along

Sold Rolling Along I have always been fascinated with marbles. It is mesmerizing to gaze into  their depths. I really enjoy exploring their swirls of color, variance in values and the manner in which light dances through them. Marbles were a special Easter gift. One bag  full of shiny new marbles were a delight to […]

New Spring Arrivals!

New Spring Arrivals! I would like to share some new work I have been doing that I am really jazzed about! A few weeks ago I started painting miniature paintings ranging in sizes from 3x2in. to 4x4in.  They are painted on linen covered archival panels and can be ordered from Art Boards. I discovered that […]