Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Unexpected In Plein Air

A  Harmonic Existence Every year I gleefully anticipate the arrival of wild rose bushes. They brighten summer greens and cheerfully inhabit the surrounding space. Their nature is pleasant and easy going.  Bobbling in the breeze they sway about effortlessly. Resistance is set aside as they adjust to nature’s ever-changing state. Without resistance an existence of […]

New FaceBook Fan Page

Hi Everyone! I finally got my Facebook Fan Page up and running! I tepidly decided to create a presence on Facebook, but now am quite pleased to be there. It has been fun connecting with local and internet friends as well as former students. Having a Facebook Page also sets the stage for informal discussions […]

One Last Bloom

One Last Bloom Early summer has begun with a symphony of dramatic blooms. For three years a small peony bush taunted one with the anticipation of expansive blooms.  Finally, the day arrived and she joyfully presented an array of large bouncy blooms.  Their gentle pink hue made them appear delicate as they swayed happily in […]