Monthly Archives: February 2009

With Grace

Every now and then a painting takes you on some twists and turns.  “With Grace” was such a painting.  In the beginning these larger carnations were vibrant and bursting with life.  I happily sketched them on canvas and blocked in my values and then life got in the way and I did not get back […]

Gerber Daisy Brings Vibrancy

During this time of year I begin to miss nature’s vibrant vegetation and getting out on my plein air excursions.  So I decided to visit our local florist to consume the vibrant colors and aliveness of their ongoing supply of flowers.  In the dead of winter they seemed to energize one;  leading to visions of […]

Egg Cup /Minimalist Series

I just finished this 5x7in painting.  The tricky part in this painting was  making sure my ellipse was correct and maintaining the symmetrical proportions of the egg cup. I found this little egg cup in my cupboard and have wanted to paint it for awhile.  I just loved how cheerful it looked with its bright […]