Monthly Archives: August 2008

Back to Big Island

During a run on fine days I ventured down to Big Island on two separate occasions.  The first morning was gorgeous, still and warm.  The ocean was like a mirror.  While I was sitting on the beach, I began to observe the grasses before me.  What I found interesting was the way they arched as […]

Summer Returns

We were lucky enough to get consecutive days of summer weather again.  Thus, I took the opportunity to get back out on location.  I ventured back out to MacLellan’s Brook.  It was a hazy evening –warm and languorous.  I was attracted to both the back lighting in this scene and the diagonal slats of light […]

At Last!

After several weeks of rain, a clear day has finally arrived!  When I awoke to a beautiful day and captivating light my itinerary for the day quickly changed.  It was a perfect morning for a study.  So with my gear in tow I ventured out to MacLellan’s Brook- one of my favorite places to paint.  […]

Phantom Artist Appears/Backyard Studio

My son and I were joking that I was like the phantom artist on my site.  Since we had not posted the About section on my site there was not a single picture of the artist on my website.  Even on my blog my outdoor set up was on display, but NO artist!  Well the […]